Drapor, the historical operator of port dredging in Morocco, aims to:

  • To assert itself as a regional player with a dual vocation: maritime and technical (in the Maghreb, in southern Europe and the West coast of Africa).
  •  Gain momentum in the new maritime works sector.
  •  Export its know-how to the African market.
  • Play a civic role in sustainable development.

Driven by its development dynamic and deeply rooted in modernity, Drapor is known in the region as:

  • The technical and scientific reference in its fields of activity.
  • The partner of choice in major maritime and port projects.

Our mission

Remain the leader in the Moroccan dredging for sustainability

Our goals

  • Diversification: In our vision of providing an end-to-end supply chain, we aim to provide a range of construction materials derived from the sediments we mine during dredging.
  • Innovation: We aim to partner with companies that work in clean energy using sand as storage for solar energy.
  • International: Thanks to its expertise and its recognized reputation, our company aims to extend its know-how to other regions of the world, starting with the African continent.
  • Agility and Resilience: It is necessary in order to reduce the consequences of climate change by improving coastal resilience To have an integrated sustainable approach that promotes the safety of navigation To protect and improve the environment and societal interests.
  • Carry out projects while respecting our commitments.
  • Permit economic growth in the maritime sector.
  • Use energy optimally and cleanly.
  • Reduce climate action on the coast Preserve aquatic life.


Our priority is to continue to preserve the marine ecosystem by taking into account the evolution of climate change and the impact of our projects.

The leader of the Moroccan dredging sector in terms of sustainability.

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