Human ressources

  • PROFESSIONAL MEN human resources that Drapor owes its development:
    • Professionals, whose skills combine knowledge and experience.
    • A training plan to support our development and maintain our leadership position in an increasingly vast and diversified sector.

    Making Drapor a learning organization is a major strategic component of the business plan.
    Strongly imbued with the responsibility vested in them, the women and men of Drapor are endowed with a keen sense of respect for nature.


Drapor offers an expert and integrated industrial offer in line with its civic and ecological ethics and its action in favor of sustainable development.


Drapor is a corporate citizen that puts sustainability at the heart of its activity and performs a service of public interest in its dredging actions.


Drapor cares about the environment with strict adherence to laws and regulations surrounding the Maritime ecosystem.

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