President's WORDS

In the continuity of the strategy that we initiated me and my companion the late Lahcen JAKHOUKH may God accept it in his Mercy for the blossoming and development of the SATRAMMARINE Group, we continue the path, men and women, to go from there. before to realize the dream and the will of our companion.

At SATRAMMARINE Group, we will pursue our dream with determination. This dream of asserting itself and creating value remains the main condition for its development and experience on the African continent and internationally.

This growth of the group is based mainly on its engineers, executives, naval officers and sailors, whom the Group actively contributes by transferring know-how to young talents as a priority. This commitment is the centerpiece of the implementation of the strategy of His Majesty King Mohamed VI for the social and economic development of the Kingdom.

Through partnerships with all the main players in the maritime sector, the Group is a very active member of national and international organizations in the sector, among others: CEDA-AS, APS, etc.

Finally, I am sure that together we have the means and have the skills to win this challenge, and to honor our promise to my companion, the late Lahcen JAKHOUKH.

Chairman and CEO

Our Values


Drapor offers an expert and integrated industrial offer in line with its civic and ecological ethics and its action in favor of sustainable development.


Drapor is a corporate citizen that puts sustainability at the heart of its activity and performs a service of public interest in its dredging actions.


Drapor cares about the environment with strict adherence to laws and regulations surrounding the Maritime ecosystem.

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