Dredging Sustainibility

La vocation du dragage, autrefois limitée au maintien des fonds marins dans les ports et canaux de navigation, s’étend aujourd’hui à tous les travaux d’intervention sur les fonds marins, que ce soit pour l’aménagement et l’entretien d’ouvrages, l’extraction de granulats, la recharge de plages et de zones dégradées, etc. ….

Le dragage, utilisé intelligemment, devient aujourd’hui un instrument essentiel du développement économique et du développement durable.

Drapor, en tant que leader du dragage, place la durabilité au cœur de son action et à tous les niveaux de notre activité.

Nous entendons travailler avec la nature à la fois pour faciliter la navigation et maintenir en équilibre l’écosystème marin.

Le Maroc compte plus de 3 500 km de littoral et est soucieux de la préservation de son environnement maritime et côtier en travaillant main dans la main avec toutes les parties prenantes pour créer des synergies gagnant-gagnant et répondre aux besoins des générations actuelles et futures.


In order to implement our Sustainable Dredging Strategy, we implement a synergy around 3 Axes :

  • Environment The seashore is our workplace as we help nature in many ways:

The increases in the level of suspended sediments can alter water quality, which can unfavorably affect marine life, by dredging we assure to maintain water quality and remove the sediments.

Dredging also allows removing toxic materials situated near ports and industrial complexes to allow the creation a cleaner habitat for fish and other wildlife.

  • Economy Dredging is the most sustainable alternative to provide sand for the construction sector in Morocco as demand is increasing.

In our vision, we intend to be the perfect alternative to provide necessary product and avoid dune looting.

In ports and river mouth it is a key element to ease marine transportation and ease productivity of stakeholders while allowing business to prosper in respect of the law.

  • SocietyIn our Sustainability Program, we put the safety of individuals as a priority as we make sure that our impact on society is a positive one.

At Drapor, having a strict adherence and compliance with all regulations is our strength and facilitating training opportunities for our employees working in Transparency, Openness and Resilience as the main notions that drive our day-to-day operations backs this.

The quality of our work is achieved and confirmed by all our third party certifications and government regulations as we intend to build a better future for the next generations.

We also take part in many social, educational and non-profit actions that will help local communities and their environment.

Dragage Durable

Dredging Sustainibility

  • Awareness Our challenge as Dredging Experts is to find the balance between our business activity with ecological requirements without harming the economy.

Drapor supports and oversees the studies and research of leading academics on the positive impact of dredging on the environment. The idea is to take a long-term view of the consequences of dredging and defend most of our work against other, more harmful sources of sediment.

As members of CEDA, we are working with other global players to explore and study new sustainable dredging technologies that will allow the impact of our activity in the maritime sector to be positive.

  • Innovation Research and Development is our powerhouse and we believe that it is applicable to all layers of our supply chain.

Drapor has set innovation committees in all departments encouraging employees to exchange and research on new way to improve our activities, profitability and have a positive impact on our environment.

From finding new management models to using Dredged sediment as clean energy, Drapor has a will to devotion to always strive for a better, cleaner and optimized use of its resources.

  • Climate Change adaptation: While climate change impact to stability of our environment and the protection of life underwater.

Drapor is conscious that dredging provides a positive and sustainable solution to decrease the potential damage both caused by rising sea levels and the increase in extreme weather. Therefore we have implemented partnership with weather forecasting companies that will help us have a better understanding of how the maritime environment is changing.

Community Involvement Drapor is a Citizen company that has a role to play beyond is professional activities , we therefore have set a program to train and educate young pupils into the maritime work environment and explain how we as professionals are carrying for the sustainable awareness of the communities.

We also support several seasports activities, fishing , beach events as well as NGO that promote seashore protection.

If you represent a non-profit organization in Morocco please Fill in this form and we will take contact with you as soon as possible.

If you represent a non-profit organization in Morocco please Fill in this form and we will take contact with you as soon as possible.

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